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Broking: Corporate, Commercial, Personal, Construction & Marine, Worker’s Compensation & Injury Management

Broking – Our Clients 

Our clients range from large corporations to small companies, trades-people, real estate agents and property managers, private landlords, parents with schoolchildren and even horse owners.

All of our clients have unique and changing risks that require specialists to determine the best risk minimisation strategies.

In each of our key industry sectors, EBM employs teams of experienced staff whose job it is to thoroughly understand the risks inherent in that industry, therefore the role of our Brokers is to help identify risks for our clients and determine the best way/s to manage them.

We employ some of the most technically experienced operators in the industry who bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in respect to understanding risk, insurance and client needs in each of their respective industry sectors.

The Process

Brokers apply their knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation across all jurisdictions, their awareness of the latest insurance products on the market and their local, national and international networks to transfer clients risks to an appropriate carrier (insurer).

  1. Risk profile review: This detailed assessment allows EBM to build a comprehensive picture of our clients potential exposure
  2. Strategy: How to best deal with each risk – either by terminating, transferring to an insurance company, or retaining the risk under controlled conditions
  3. Cover: Develop clear and comprehensive policies for clients before negotiating the best possible conditions and premiums from insurance company underwriters. We examine a variety of policies from a range of providers
  4. We Build it: If no existing policy is suitable, we will customise a policy and negotiate its placement with an insurer on our client’s behalf

Our Corporate Clients

Our Corporate Brokers support clients that are typcially larger scale Proprietary Limited/Limited companies or associations/institutions.

Working with these types of clients require our brokers to have a deep insight into their businesses, allowing EBM to provide professional advice and risk profiling’ developing risk retention/transfer and insurance premium reduction strategies. Brokers regularly review their clients insurance programs and conduct Contract reviews and advice.

Our brokers are at their best when it comes to negotiating appropriate policy wordings and when advocating for clients during a claim.

EBM’s Construction & Marine specialist brokers support the insurance needs of construction and marine industries, arranging insurance for some of Australia’s largest construction and infrastructure projects. Our construction clients are involved primarily with commercial, industrial, domestic and civil contracting in all industry sectors including domestic construction, high rise commercial developments, process engineering, hospitals, schools, power stations, airports, water treatment plants, sewage treatment, roadwork’s, tunnels, bridges, pipelines and mining.

Our marine risks brokers specialise in supporting clients who are involved in all industry sectors relating to business logistics including ports, terminals, bulk coal, grains, fats, oils, containerised cargo, break bulk and project cargo.

“Sitting down, face-to-face with local business owners allows us to understand their business, the risks they face and develop affordable risk solutions as their trusted advisor”.

Steve Sparkes – Managing Director (Corporate Broking)

Commercial Clients

    • Our clients are typically individuals, sole traders or smaller scale Proprietary Limited companies
    • We provide risk solutions including specialised product schemes and facilities that are enhanced through negotiation with insurers to meet our clients’ needs on a portfolio
    • Claims advocacy

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Workers’ Compensation & Injury Management

Our injury management team is engaged in all aspects of Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management for our Corporate and Commercial clients, managing claims on their behalf

They have extensive knowledge and experience of workers’ compensation having worked directly for Insurers or within the private sector.

They work within a diverse range of industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, trades, aged care, retail, transport and educational institutes.

They have a sound understanding of employer’s requirements in the management of workers’ compensation claims.

Working in partnership with our clients, our injury management team is committed to minimising the cost of workers’ compensation claims, through proactive injury and claims management strategies.Ward Dedman

“Our purpose isn’t to sell you insurance. Rather, we are here to advise and guide you on the purchase of the right insurance products and covers that  are tailored to your individual business requirements”.

Ward Dedman – Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

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RentCover has been operating for over 25 years and is Australia’s leading landlords’ property insurance product.

RentCover landlord insurance provides a range of specialised insurance products for investment property owners, real estate agents and property managers.

RentCover is used by thousands of property managers and tens of thousands of landlords.

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CoverLink is the Managing Agent for various underwriting and claims binders, schemes and facilities, and conducts business as part of the EBM Group. CoverLink provides complete managing agency services to EBM on behalf of select insurers.

CoverLink was established in 2012 for the purpose of managing and consolidating the volume business of EBM.

The CoverLink team is resourced to meet the demands of EBM’s Australia wide broking operations, and works closely with our Data Processing Team (DPC). CoverLink is the Our Brokers first port of call.

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Financial Planning

EBM Financial Planning is a subsidiary company providing high quality advice and assistance in the fields of wealth creation, retirement planning, personal and business protection.

Our qualified Financial Planners explore our clients’ financial goals, understand their needs and objectives and create effective and practical plans tailored to achieve them.

Our Financial Planners also help our clients to protect their income and financial security.

EBM Financial Planners work with our clients to:

  • Build profiles based on our clients current financial position, and where they would like to be
  • Prepare strategies specific to individual clients circumstances
  • Recommend investments, insurances and other wealth protection measures
  • Implement and review strategies in partnership with our clients as part of our ongoing advice arrangements

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Group Services: People & Culture, Finance, Compliance & Technical, IT&T, Data Processing Center, Marketing, Legal

People & Culture

People and Culture are accountable for driving the cultural development goals and activities resulting from EBM’s business imperatives which are approved and endorsed by the National Executive. The team’s focus is to deliver outcomes in:

  • Advisory support
  • Learning and Development
  • Recruitment
  • Administration/”Business As Usual” Continuous Improvement

Role of People & Culture

Business Partner

  • Strategic advice and support
  • Providing people managers with coaching, support and advice regarding effective people management
  • Coordinates the activities associated with the employee life cycle:
  • Onboarding, induction, probation
  • Setting goals, driving performance
  • Supporting training and career development
  • Exit/Recruitment

Administration Expert

  • Transactional
  • Policies and procedures
  • Legislation
  • Employee relations
  • HRIS

Change Agent

  • Lead initiatives to prepare employees for changes in the organisation
  • Seeks feedback from employees

Employee Advocate

  • Represent employees
  • Facilitate training and development and career progression
  • Lead initiatives to improve employee experience within the Company

The EBM Academy

The provision of training, development and career progression is critical to our overall business success. EBM funds a range of development activities to assist employees with their business and personal skills development through discipline specific technical qualifications and certifications and soft skills training to enhance individual performance.

We focus on establishing structured, cost effective role based training to support both professional and personal development:

  • Compliance requirements: EBM Benchmark & Industry Requirements
  • Continuing Professional development opportunities
  • Product Knowledge
  • EBM Processes & Procedures
  • Professional Development – Defining career pathways
  • Mentoring and Support


Our Finance Team supports EBM through:

  • Processing accounts receivable and payable
  • Training in EBM financial practices
  • Running payroll

Compliance & Technical

Our national compliance and technical team focuses on the overarching management and compliance of our core business and services and risk management issues.

The team have a comprehensive understanding of our requirements and EBM’s professional reputation is supported by our commitment to compliance.

Our compliance and technical team is responsible for:

  • Monitoring of scheduled compliance activities
  • Review progress in line agreed schedules
  • Provide guidance, support and advice to brokers on compliance and best practice issues
  • Establish, update, or change operating procedures to streamline and improve processes
  • Identify gaps and development opportunities in our compliance and risk management systems
  • Ensure quality and compliance through a comprehensive auditing process

Data Processing Centre

The Data Processing Centre (DPC) supports brokers with their processing requirements, allowing brokers to focus on broking and servicing their clients.

Policies are sent to CoverLink for terms, who will then forward to DPC for processing. DPC then generate the Cover Summaries to EBM’s standards and send these to the Broker to check, and if accurate are forwarded back to DPC to invoice.

Dependent on the Broking Unit, DPC will print the invoice for the broker or email the broker to advise once released who will then forward to the client for payment.


Our Information Technology and Telecommunications Team provides advice and expertise on IT &T strategy, infrastructure, design, building, and maintenance within the organisation.

Our IT&T team focuses on improving the quality of our information assets, improving efficiency, user experience and delivering a better service to our users and clients.

IT&T have team members skilled in:

  1. Infrastructure: Managing and supporting computers, printers and phones.
  2. Business Systems: Manage and support CBS, Ferret and QlikView.
  3. Delivery: Manage and support the IT components of projects.


Our Marketing Team provides a range of services for the company Australia-wide.

These include:

  • Branding
  • Brochure development
  • Advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Internal and external newsletters
  • Surveys
  • Direct mail
  • Stationery ordering (letterhead, invoices, business cards etc.)


Our Legal Counsel Services acts on behalf of our clients and represents their best interests at all times. We provide expert legal advice and representation on:

  • Insurance policy wordings and cover;
  • Insurance aspects of contracts and tenders;
  • The likely course and outcome of a claim;
  • Reserves; and
  • Materials necessary to substantiate claims, including expert opinions.