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Alan Bishop

Executive Chairman

When Alan founded EBM in 1975 he did so on the basis that EBM’s clients would receive honest and personal representation with the simple objective of achieving the most appropriate and cost effective cover. This has become the foundation for EBMs ongoing success.

Alan believes that EBM applies innovative and personally delivered solutions to arising issues, and EBM expends a great deal of time and energy in looking forward to anticipate emergent problems. Steered by Alan EBM has become the largest privately owned Australian broker and was involved in directing the insurance broking industry through some of its most unsettled times such as the HIH crisis and the introduction of the Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA). 

Ward Dedman

Ward Dedman

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director

Ward has a firm belief that clients need and deserve strong personalised support when it comes to their risks.  Clients deserve a broker that will listen to their concerns, worries and ambitions and be prepared to work with them in exploring the myriad of options and considerations and very importantly, ensure the client receives full value of our service when the time comes to make a claim. This is the driver behind Ward’s work at EBM – to deliver innovative insurance solutions that provide reliable and predictable outcomes for clients.

Boasting more than 25 years’ experience working in all corners of insurance – including claims, underwriting and broking – Ward has a unique understanding of the industry.  This broad experience helps him in his current role as CEO and Executive Director of the EBM Group to deliver unique products and services that evolve along with the needs of clients. While his primary work is to influence and oversee the growth of EBM, he also remains actively involved in the insurance broking and risk management divisions, with EBMs team and clients, while sustaining key relationships with local and international insurers.

Currently, Ward is challenging himself to build on the already successful EBM brand by ensuring the company is continually adapting to meet market trends and investing in their people so they remain passionate about serving EBM clients.

Steve Sparkes

Steve Sparkes

Director of Broking

Since commencing his first insurance role in 1986, Steve continues to thrive to get his boots dirty whilst maintaining a more overarching role as Managing Director – Corporate Broking. He believes that EBM’s Corporate Broking goals are about growing alongside their clients, sharing in their success as partners in their businesses, not simply acting as suppliers.

EBM aims to be more than just a trusted advisor by becoming an intrinsic extension of their clients’ business, assisting in risk management strategies beyond simply insurance. EBM believe their long term clients, of whom there are many, would agree EBM achieves this. Vital to this end is the added value EBM provide with in-house Legal Counsel and an Injury Management services.

Steve’s role primarily oversees the Corporate Broking operations Australia-wide. Steve is deeply invested in the groups’ future being a Director of EBM’s ultimate holding company, as well as being a Shareholder.

Ryan Cameron

Director of Broking

Ryan believes that success in the risk and insurance industry relies on EBM knowing their clients and all facets of their business. This includes conducting a detailed risk profile review, examining every area of the clients business to build a comprehensive picture before they provide suggested insurance and risk management solutions.

Ryan is able to engage the relevant specialists – both internal and external. He takes a hands on, collaborative approach working with his EBM colleagues, insurers and other stakeholders to drive the results required by clients. Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in insurance in both underwriting and broking capacities and oversees EBM’s Commercial and PersonalCover Broking operation as well as the regional network of branches.

Currently, Ryan’s primary responsibilities are business development and relationships related to our strong growth strategy and overseeing the respective operations. Ryan is presently the Managing Director as well as being an owner in EBM’s ultimate holding entity.

Sharon Fox-Slater

Sharon Fox-Slater

Managing Director – RentCover

Sharon Fox-Slater is the Managing Director of RentCover – EBM’s landlord insurance division.  Sharon joined EBM over 20 years ago, quickly rising to lead the then-fledgling RentCover division. Under her leadership, RentCover has since grown consistently to become an industry leader for Landlords Insurance. Sharon’s commitment to customer service is second to none and is reflected in the fact that 95 per cent of new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals.

In leading the RentCover team, Sharon provides mentorship to the next generation of insurance and risk professionals. She has a strong track record of picking talented applicants, giving them a start based on their values and enthusiasm in turn moulding them into capable professionals. She encourages all staff to continue their professional development.

Sharon is a director of RentCover Underwriting Agency as well as being an owner in RentCover’s ultimate holding entity.

Chris Lane

Director – CoverLink

Chris’s primary role as Managing Director of CoverLink is to oversee the business which operates as a Managing Agent for various underwriting and claims binders, schemes and facilities, and conducts its business as part of the EBM Group albeit as a separate legal entity.

Beginning his career over 20 years ago, Chris ensures a continuous improvement, service orientated and quality approach is delivered by his team at all times and utilises technology to support initiatives.  Chris is challenging himself and his team to increase the number of opportunities that CoverLink offer to EBM and their Brokers that support the needs of the ultimate client.

Chris is a director of CoverLink as well as being an owner in CoverLink’s ultimate holding entity.

Jay Manley

Managing Director – Financial Planning

Jay believes that financial advice means much more than just retirement planning. It is relevant for all age groups whether clients want to travel the world, reduce their mortgages, grow their investments or save for retirement.

Starting his financial career in 1987, Jay has gained considerable experience in providing quality financial advice to many individuals and companies.  Since starting with EBM in 1998 Jay has contributed significantly to the growth of EBM’s Financial Planning business looking after many key accounts and leading the Financial Planning division and presently acts as the Managing Director.

Through an ongoing engagement process, Jay and his team assist clients to develop a level of understanding and empowerment to make informed judgements and decisions with clarity about their financial needs and future.  Jay strives for continuous innovation through actively engaging in product research, providing compliance support, professional development and accesses a broad range of insurance, investment and superannuation products.

Jay is a shareholder in the EBM Financial Planning business.

Peter McLachlan

Chief Operating Officer – Broking

Peter opted for a career in insurance because he wanted to solve problems and mitigate risk for Australians, while shaping the future of the industry.  Driven by service, insurance is often there for people in some of the most troubling moments of their lives and during Peter’s 30+ years in the industry, he has worked tirelessly to deliver true value to clients in times of need.     

In Peter’s current role as the COO he is able to contribute his broad experience in general insurance and workers compensation to the EBM team and their clients.

Peter is proud to be part of a group that not only delivers unique insurance solutions, but educates clients about how to mitigate risk.  With this steering everything EBM does, clients are better informed about the cover they need and the value they are receiving.  Clients are always dealt with in a professional personal manner and staff work tirelessly to ensure clients are receiving full value for their premium. 

Prior to working at EBM, Peter spent 25 years at QBE Insurance as Regional Manager WA/SA/NT.

Jane Barry

Business Manager – Broking & Coverlink

Jane has an instinctive desire to ensure all facets of the business interact and run cohesively towards a common goal, client satisfaction. She believes this must start from the top and enjoys the fast paced environment of coordinating the business.

Jane’s role as Executive Business Manager is to ensure that the Executive team (Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director and Managing Directors) objectives are facilitated and achieved. Jane has innate understanding of the core business drivers which assist in delivering these.

As a key member of the leadership group; Jane coordinates the Executive team and works with the Executive General Manager – Strategy & Operations across Group Services functions – Finance, People & Culture, IT, Marketing & Development, Compliance & Technical, Legal, Data Processing Centre and Administration, whilst managing the national project management system and coordinating and implementing EBM’s comprehensive strategic planning suite.

Meet the EBM Board of Directors

Management Strength
The EBM team benefits from strong, strategic leadership, good governance and a disciplined approach to management. Our board members are business and insurance industry leaders with a formidable reputation in Australian industry and an extensive track record for community service.

The Board is backed by the National Executive consisting of the Executive Chairman and Managing Directors who are shareholders and specialise in their various fields. All have been with EBM for a substantial period of time in their careers and are dedicated to the company’s purpose, vision and values.

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